Heart of luxury and serene waterfront setting, world-class amenities, excellent locality.
About the project

This high-rise development extends beyond its stunning architecture and boasts a wide range of amenities that cater to resident's every desire to elevate your living experience with the latest, lined with premium 1, 1.5 and 2-bedroom waterfront apartments and luxurious villas.

The architecture encapsulates elegance, and presents an exclusive opportunity to experience life at the pinnacle of paradise, where tranquil waters meet crafted excellence across the development.

The architecture stands as a testament to modern architectural innovation, where the distinctive diamond design not only captures the eye but also maximises natural light and stunning panoramic views. This iconic structure adds a touch of elegance to Dubai’s skyline, setting it apart as a symbol of luxury. Residents of the development can enjoy the exclusive views of the golf course, serene lagoons and some attractive and captivating panorama.

Layout examples
Below are examples of layouts for 1 and 2 bedrooms with balcony
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Benefits in living in 320 Riverside Crescent at Sobha Hartland 2
Dubai is a vibrant city with a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Home to the well travelled locals, expats and lavish lifestyles, in recent years, the city has begun to embrace the importance of conscious, healthy living; ever searching for new ways to weave wellness into everyday life
Water Serenity

People often find solace and relaxation in the presence of water. A community that offers unlimited beach access and lagoon view which gives you serene atmosphere.

Community Harmony
A physical and mental environment that engages in various activities, socializing, and contributing to a positive atmosphere inside the community.
Luxury Living
Elegant-styled abodes expertly crafted to create a sense of relaxed wellbeing amid lavish surrounds for everlasting luxury.
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